Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sorry It's Been So Long...

... but we've had a lot going on.

Kibi and I were in Ohio for 10 days visiting my parents. Sadly, my ailing grandmother had taken a turn for the worse while we were there. She declined pretty steadily and we thought she might even pass away during our time there. However, she held on and, although it was hard to leave, we said goodbye to her and came back home, wondering when we would get the dreaded phone call.

We spent two quiet but enjoyable days here, catching up with DH/Daddy and recharging our emotional batteries. Then this morning, my brother called with the sad news: my grandma passed away. I feel very sad, of course, but I do feel a great sense of relief because she was struggling so much, and she was so ready to go. As hard as it was to see her at her worst those last several days, we all agreed that we had been given a gift: time together. And that is something I will always cherish.

So, we're heading back out to Ohio in a few days to make a mournful journey home. Sigh. Thanks to all of you who've expressed kind words, sent notes, or called me these last few days... your thoughts and prayers are so very appreciated.

Rest well, Mumma. I love you.

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