Monday, October 5, 2009


Has this ever happened to you?

Over the weekend we switched K's car seat to DH's car. Well, this morning K was supposed to go to preschool (for a glorious 3 hours!). At about 7 am DH left for work... WITHOUT switching the car seat back to my car.

Cut to a frame of me doing a dramatic movie scream in slow motion, "Noooooooooooo!"

This means all of my lofty hopes for the morning - exercise, groceries, homework for my web writing class -- are dashed. ARGH!

After I told K, "I guess we're not taking you to your playschool after all," we headed back inside and came up to my room to flop on my bed and catch a little Sesame Street. I thought a while about how we'll spend our new free time. It's a sunny day, so we'll probably head outside and play in the sandbox.

K interrupted my thoughts by snuggling up to me all of a sudden and announcing, "You are MY mommy!"

I guess there are a few million things worse than being "stranded" with your cuddly son on a beautiful fall morning.

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