Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ohio's Sharpest Corner

It might be a light posting week because K. and I are away from home - yet again, can you believe it? - visiting my parents this week in my hometown.

Fortunately K. seems pretty much back to normal (with the exception of a bad diaper rash incident yesterday, poor thing) and we are enjoying the slow pace of life in the semi-rural Midwest.

Thought I would entertain you with some facts about Conneaut, Ohio:

- It's situated in, quite literally, the northeastern corner of Ohio

- The current population is about 12,000

- The town name is an Indian word meaning "place of many fish" or "place where snow lays in the spring" (so true, judging from the looks of this place in early March and April!)

- It's home to an octagon house that was a location key to the Underground Railroad

- According to Wikipedia, Conneaut Creek has the #1 steelhead trout stream in the country... who knew?

- This weekend, we will be attending the annual D Day Reenactment (on the shores of Lake Erie)which has been going on here in C-town annually for almost a decade. Most excellent! This will be my first. Promises to be quite a scene. I will try to post some photos. Speaking of potential Onion stories, apparently one year there was a huge falling out before the reenactment because .... the guys who were playing the Germans wanted to win.

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Sweet Pea Chef said...

You learn something new every day! Looking forward to catching up whenever it works...hope you have fully recovered from the seizure incident. Tell R&D I say "hello!"

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