Friday, August 1, 2008

We're Off to the Beach...

On Sunday we leave for Summer Trip #3... to Cannon Beach, Oregon.  About 20 of us will be staying with my husband's relatives in two beach houses.  Thanks Aunt Dorothy for organizing the trip!

Should be a blast, but right now I'm dreading packing for a cross country haul.  Also, it's apparently quite cooler up there than it is in the DC area (how about 30 degrees cooler!?) so it's hard to think about cool-weather clothing that K. and I will need.  When it comes to preparing, I always leave DH to fend for himself because he is notorious for packing at THE very last minute. In fact, sometimes he doesn't pack at all, and buys the clothes he needs when he gets to his destination.  I am embarrassed to report that, but it's true.  Anyway, I digress.  

We return on Sunday the 10th so I'll be taking a break from posting until then.  

Happy August!

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