Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Countdown Begins...

Well, the big 1st birthday is coming up - it's only 3 days away.  They say this one is more a celebration for the parents than the baby since it marks a graduation of sorts: advancing from a state of sleepless, anxiety-racked paranoia in those first early weeks and months into something a little less so - a slightly more relaxed frame of mind.  I think that's true in our case.  Now that our little one is sleeping through the night (it only took him 10 months to do so!), napping regularly (at about 9:30 am and 2:30 pm, halleluiah!) and pretty easygoing about life in general, it seems we finally have a chance to take a breath and slowly incorporate some of our pre-baby activities back into our lives.  Unfortunately for me, exercise has NOT been on that list - but I hope for that to change soon with the addition of a .... jogging stroller!  I'll post updates here in an effort to keep myself accountable.  If I could only lose about 10 pounds (at least), I know I'll feel a whole lot better about myself.  If anyone has any motivational suggestions, I'm all ears...   


Sweet Pea Chef said...

If you need some fun inspiration:


This is a fun blog from Slacker Mama.

If you do the jogging stroller, you are a better mom than me. I am so *not* a runner, and I have finally made my piece with this. Phew.

Steel Magnolia said...

Hey B-it's me-do you know who this is? I am so glad I found you!!!! He is just adorable and happy birthday to both of you!!!!!

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