Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dogs in Cars. Going Fast.

The first word has paved the way to the first absolutely-positively-read-it-to-me-over-and-over-again FAVORITE book: Go, Dog, Go!  I have to admit it's a great book, with some reassuring life lessons ("Now it is night.  Night is not the time for play.")  It's also just perfect for the little guy, who points to it after every diaper change or before every nap with an urgent plea: "ca!"  It's especially fitting, since his very first toy was a small, stuffed blue Go Dog, complete with red car, from Uncle Jim ... who brought it to us the day we all came home from the hospital on 4.27.07 - almost exactly one year ago!  


Sweet Pea Chef said...

I love it. I can just imagine you reading to sweet little K. Have a great weekend and tell Mom I said, "hi!"

Steel Magnolia said...

this is a favorite in our house too!! It was also the first book that I ever read all by myself...

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