Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Know I Promised...

OK, I know I promised no more politics-related posts on Kibi's decidedly NON-partisan blog, but ... oh, well I couldn't resist this one.  We felt the need to do our part in the battleground state of Virginia, so this was taken of us on Election Day, canvassing in southern Arlington.  And we were excited that our efforts paid off!

On to other topics.  Sorry I've been MIA the last few days... lots going on, from the election ... to both me AND now Kibi being sick (a nasty cold that works its way through your system slowly and annoyingly).  And then our biggest news... we're going to MAUI on Saturday!

Yep, through a strange set of coincidences this year was The Year Of Travel for the Kibi Clan ... starting with Florida in February, Florida again in June (to visit different sets of family members), North Carolina in July, Ohio in August, Oregon in August, and now... Hawaii!  

It's a long story, but... well, we bought a timeshare there.  Yep, before the economy tanked, we decided to invest in oceanfront property through a resort chain that allows you to exchange stays for visits at other resorts throughout the world and/or continental U.S.  Time will tell if we made a mammoth mistake (ha!) but we are actually very pleased with the arrangement.  

We did it mostly to ensure we make a commitment to a family vacation every year, emphasizing the FAMILY part, since my husband's and my extended families are rather large.  We took the plunge over a year ago, and this will be the first time we're testing out the new place.  

We're bringing 6 other family members with us this first time, and very excited about a week of R&R ... that is, after we make it past the 12 hour flight!  I'm not thrilled at the prospect of taking an 18 month old with a cold on a cross-continental flight.  Oh well, I took him to the doctor today and she gave him the all clear, along with the tip that Benadryl should help with his runny nose AND help him to sleep - hooray.  And besides, I fully realize the ridiculous-ness of complaining about a flight to... Hawaii!

So, I'll likely not be posting for a while... at least until we get back (Nov. 16th).  So, hope everyone out there is doing well, enjoying political ad-free days and nights, and savoring these last few quiet weeks before the frenetic holiday season is upon us!

Take care.

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Shannon said...

Oh I am jealous. Have fun and hopefully the airplane trip will be a success. This is the time to travel with only one child. There would be no way I would travel to Hawaii with three kids but now that I have three traveling with one seems like a breeze.


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