Monday, November 3, 2008

Words, Words, Words... and Their Many Uses

We seem to be experiencing another Kibi developmental growth spurt, mostly having to do with his vocabulary.  For example, I'm excited to report that Kibi has started using 2-word phrases.  They're not exactly the phrases I would've imagined would have been his first, but they're interesting nonetheless.  

The first time he said a multi-word phrase (he hasn't done it since) was about three or four weeks ago.  I was changing his diaper and he said, randomly, "Mama .... please .... yogurt!"  My husband and I both heard that one and were amused and pleased that he finally was using "his words" to communicate his wants.  We haven't heard that particular grouping since he uttered it, but in the meantime he's developed a small handful of favorite 2-worders.  They are:

"Go away!"  (part of a game his dad taught him in which he throws an inanimate object - stuffed animal, leaf on the ground, food on his high chair, etc. - as far away as he can)

"Eat it!" (this sounds vulgar, but it's intended to encourage his dining partner to partake in his meal when he is finished with his portion)

"Read it?" (this is my favorite, although I'm sure I'll soon come to regret saying that... he pleads with whomever is sitting closest to him to read a book he has just picked up)

The other words he has really, really taken to saying lately are our names - "Mommy" and "Daddy" - as often as humanly possible.  I think it's his way of making sure we are a) present and b) paying attention to him.  We'll be sitting around the table eating a meal when K. will look at me and say, proudly, "Mommy!" and then look over at my husband and say, "Daddy!" happily.  Of course, this always gives me warm fuzzies.  

The other way he will use our names is by saying our name in perfect rhythm, OVER AND OVER, until we guess what it is he is trying to tell us.  For example: 


"Yes, Kibi?" 


(Silence while Mommy tries to guess) "Do you want some crackers?" 

"Yeah."  Mystery solved!

And guess what he's taken to doing while I am talking on the phone or otherwise engaged in conversation.  Yup, you guessed it -  but about 10 decibels louder.  Fun, fun!  

Sometimes the constant demands for my attention are exhausting... but at the end of every day, once I have some quiet time to unwind and think about things, I remind myself that without a doubt, these "Mommy" and "Daddy"-centric days are days to cherish, because the time will come one day when we will only WISH that he would still believe that we are the center of his universe.  Don't you parents out there agree?  

Sniff, sniff...

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Sweet Pea Chef said...

Here, here. I try and remember how precious this special time is every day. Even when I think, "if I hear 'mommy' one more time..."

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