Thursday, June 4, 2009

Infant Diplomacy?

Sometimes Kibi really amuses me with the declarations he makes.  

Early this morning, for instance, as we eased into our day. we were watching the news in my bedroom.  President Obama was speaking live at the University of Cairo about U.S./Muslim relations.  

Kibi watched quietly while drinking his milk, finished it, then injected: "He's talking to the babies."  I said, "President Obama is talking to babies? Babies in the audience?" He said, "Yeah. Babies are clapping."

From what I could tell, it was scholars and diplomat types in the audience -- no babies -- who were indeed clapping.  Still, it was funny to try and picture a room full of them, listening intently to the President's speech about the future of our diplomatic efforts with the Muslim world.


CDB said...

Wow, how perceptive that he knows adults can also act like babies at times.. amazing. Very educated way to boil down complex issues to the basic level... a diplomat in training!

BigBi said...

Dear C: I think you are giving K. way too much credit, but I admire YOUR diplomacy!

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