Friday, June 26, 2009

You Guessed It... I Have to Mention Jacko

I loved Michael Jackson from approximately 1985 through 1992. I can't tell you how many of my girlfriends had his posters plastered all over their bedroom walls, and I've already coerced a dear high school friend to post Facebook photos of her fourth grade Jacko outfit (a matching pink skirt and top with a sparkly glove splayed across the front). Even after his period of being REALLY HUGE, I remained interested in his music for a long time. I think he was easily one of the greatest entertainers the world will ever know.

Yet, it's pretty clear that he was genuinely loony. And on a more serious note, I am also deeply suspicious of what he did with many of the young children he took under his wing. The fact that he settled out of court for millions of dollars with that young boy whose family sued him is unsettling at best.

Regardless, I think the world lost a huge cultural icon yesterday. During the inevitable media feeding frenzy in the days to come, hopefully we will be able to focus on the positive ways he affected the world.

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