Saturday, January 10, 2009

Have You Ever Been So Tired ...

... that you forget to put the coffee pot in the coffee maker when you turn it on?  

I took the time to add the beans, pour the water in, close the various doors and compartments, press "Grind On" and turn the thing on.  I did not, however, take the time to actually set the pot on its little stand in the machine.  I then left the kitchen, sat down with K. and ate breakfast.  I heard a strange gurgling noise, but attributed that to the rain outside in the gutters.  I did not take time to even glance at the machine until we were finished eating, at which point I returned to the kitchen, saw that coffee and ground-up beans had spilled ALL OVER THE COUNTER AND KITCHEN FLOOR, and cursed pretty loudly.

That pretty much tops my list of Stupid Stuff I Do When I am Tired.  K. seemed to enjoy the spectacle, at least!

Hope all of your weekends are faring better...


CDB said...

OH MY GOSH!..I'm sorry. I've totally done this type of thing, though forgetting to close the washing machine top isn't nearly as messy.

Sweet Pea Chef said...

I was so tired I forgot to put the lid on my crockpot.

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