Monday, January 12, 2009

Time Just for Us

Last week, K. and I found ourselves with an open day, so I decided to take him to the local nature center

It ended up being a great way to spend a sunny winter morning.  K. was content to walk along the pathways, holding my hand, and looking at the sights I pointed out along the way.  (The tree with the face on it was, needless to say, one of the most delightful surprises of the excursion!)  

We checked out the rehabilitation center, where we saw an eagle and two owls, all of whom had been injured in the wild and were subsequently rescued by the center.  

We went inside the lodge and saw snakes, fish, and turtles. I thought K. would be interested in the animals, and he was - to a degree.  But what he seemed to enjoy most of all was walking outside with me, taking in the sights.  

It was such a relaxing, serene experience (K. and I were literally the only people at the center, other than one employee).  It was hard to imagine that the hustling, bustling center of the political world was less than a mile away from us.  

Enjoying being kept to a toddler's pace, I had time to think about how truly precious the moment was - just K. and me, taking our time, enjoying the scenery.  Times like these always make me a little emotional, flashing forward to when K. is grown up with appointments to keep and friends of his own.  I know that then I will be looking back on these times fondly, remembering them as the first few brushstrokes of a colorful mosaic of experiences we will share together as a mother and son.

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