Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just Like a Flower

Motherhood is fraught with emotional ups and downs (not to mention hormonal swings, but that's another story...).  I often find myself blindsided by my reaction to something so unbelievably touching, or sad, or sweet, or funny. 

One of those "that's so sweet I could just cry" moments happened this morning, as I was getting K. dressed.  

Earlier in the morning, as has been our custom these last few days, we went into our home office which, because of its nice morning light, is the place where I chose to put an amaryllis my mother in law got us for the holidays.  To my surprise, K. has really enjoyed spying on the bud every morning to see how much it has grown from the past day.  I told him that we'll check in on it every day and keep waiting for the flower to bloom, as it is, at this moment, only in the stem stage.  We usually cap off our little visit by proclaiming that "The flower is growing!"

Well, later on this morning, after putting on his shirt and overalls, I pulled K. onto my lap and sat with him in the rocking chair as I reached for his socks.  I told him we'd need to get some new socks soon because his feet appear to be outgrowing them.  For that matter, I said, "YOU are growing! A little bit bigger every day."  

After listening intently, he said: "Kian growing... like flower."

It was just so sweet and simple, but it was exactly right.  Just like a flower in bloom.


CDB said...

Oh my gosh!! I'm so glad you shared this. That was so incredibly sweet. And amazing.

Sweet Pea Chef said...

So, so sweet. My heart just fluttered.

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