Thursday, January 22, 2009

One for the Ages

I am amazed by how toddlers learn language.  I'm intrigued not just the learning of vocabulary, but how they contextualize words and concepts.  And I hate to brag (no, really!) but, since this is a blog devoted to my own little genius, Kibi (ha!) ... I can't resist.

He came up with something so mind-blowing that I promptly jotted it down in his baby book so I would never forget the date, the exact phrasing, and how old he was when he said it (just shy of 21 months, for those of you keeping track at home).

So, on Inauguration Day, my husband and I had the good sense not to take K. down to the Mall in the freezing cold with the LITERALLY 2 MILLION OTHER PEOPLE.  We spent a delightful day at my friend A.'s house, with a bunch of fellow political nerds and their kids.  However, my aforementioned brother came to town specifically to brave the crowds and witness history up close and personally.  We got him a ticket to a party at my husband's office, which happens to be located one block from the Capitol.  Nice!  (Later on, I'll have to post some of his pictures - they were incredible.)

Anyway... before I go any further, there are a few pieces of information that are key to the story:

1) Many times, when we're stuck in the car for one reason or another, K. and I always talk about cars, trucks, and any other aspects of TRAFFIC that you can imagine.  I use that word, in fact, a lot.  Fortunately for me, the topic always seems to interest him.

2) Those of you who are Republicans, cover your eyes because this may irritate you... but I've taught K. to say "Gooooo Obama!" and he happens to do it most times he sees the guy on TV, OR (and this is funny) whenever he sees the red, white, and blue Obama logo - or even when he sees an American flag.  I suppose I can understand how he would confuse the latter two.

3) Throughout Inauguration Day, whenever K. would take an interest in what was happening on the TV, I would make a big deal of talking about my brother actually being there: "Look, Uncle C. is there!  Maybe we'll see him.  How exciting for Uncle C.!" etc.

So back to that night.

After the Inaugural parade, my brother got stuck in the massive logjam and didn't end up getting home until way late in the evening.  Prior to that, as I was putting K. to bed, we shared some good conversation about the day.  K. listened attentively as I changed his diaper and put on his PJ's.  I was going along, chatting away, and then told him how I was mildly concerned because my brother hadn't gotten home yet and I was wondering where he was.

At this point, K. said, very slowly and thoughtfully:  

"Stuck.... in.... Obama.... traffic!"


Although I was super-proud that he could come up with such a concept using words he was familiar with, it is a little depressing, when you think of it, that a 21 month old understands the concept of being stuck in traffic.  Ah, life in our modern times!

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CDB said...

WOW is right..that's incredible. Talking in full sentences now?!
Talk about advanced!

Sorry we missed y'all this afternoon, but next time! Tuesday was great. I posted a video that day of C. saying "Obama"!

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