Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dogs: The Drama Continues

After thinking maybe we had seen the end of K.'s weird collective alter-ego, "The Dogs," they seem to have resurfaced, big time.  

Perhaps it's because he is just getting over an icky cold-like thing, so he's not at his 22-month-old best, but today, lemme tell you, he was in RARE FORM.  

First off, he's reverting a bit (maybe, again, because he's sick) and demanding, I hate to admit this .... bottles.  

[In the interest of full disclosure I should tell you that we are nowhere close to being a completely bottle-free household.  In fact, bottles are still very much a part of our evening regimen.  I try to justify it by saying he never sucked his thumb or took a pacifier. I also justify it by pointing to ample evidence (thanks, Us Weekly!) of a totally bottle-addicted, nearly 3-year-old Suri Cruise.]

Anyway... after offering every other kind of sippy cup under the sun, ("NO NO NO NO NO! WANT BOTTLE!") I gave in and gave him warm milk in a bottle, which he happily chugged for about 8 seconds, then proceeded to shake it upside down all over the kitchen floor, narrating as he went: "Dogs spill milk!"  

Those pesky dogs emerged again today, at lunchtime.  So... he's been eating very birdlike amounts at meals, but I've resolved not to stress about it because, again, after all he's sick and there are only so many times I can offer him various foods to eat.  Well, after consuming a meager amount of macaroni and cheese, a handful of raisins (thank God he likes these), and some more milk (fortunately no pouring this time), he announced that he wanted Rice Krispies. Still feeling a little of that irrational parental anxiety that makes you insist to yourself that your child will wither away to nothing due to lack of food intake, I complied, pouring them into his dish.  

He then took a handful, dumped it on his high chair tray, ate precisely 4 Krispies, and then THREW THE ENTIRE BOWL INTO THE AIR, YELLING "DOGS THROW FOOD!"

Two words... naaaaaaap time!


CDB said...

YIIIIKES! I would have said "nap time" faster than those Krispies had hit the ground! Mealtimes continue to be our challenge as well.

Though, at Bear Rock today, he ate up everything we put in front of him. So, eating out everyday seems to be the logical solution.

julie said...

My little one has started taking a big drink of milk and then spitting it purposely all down the front of himself and all over the floor. nice. Plus, since we have been living with someone else's dog since August, when he decides he is finished eating, he throws all the leftover food on the floor "for doggie". Maybe dogs are the universal scapegoats?

Putter said...

OMG!!!!! This is too funny! I only say funny as it sounds exactly what happens at our house! We are also not bottle free at 17 months ...:) That post-dinner bottle might never go! We have flying cereal everyday and about the dog thing ... Sounds like you might need to get one! :)

Kate, William, Brady and Putter (since we are posting from her blog:)

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