Monday, February 2, 2009

Pronoun Perplexity

Here's a tricky one for ya: how do you teach a child the correct usage of personal pronouns?

I discovered the difficulty of this task after hearing K. say, "Hold you! Hold you!" and realizing he meant, "Hold ME."  Of course he would say it the other way, though, since he is used to hearing me announce my intentions.  At first I thought this was cute (well, it still is, actually) but then I started to think about how I would help straighten him out without complete confusion.

This also translates to other things, like, "Mommy, change you!" when we have a wet diaper.  I've started gently correcting him by saying, "Change ME!" and usually he dutifully repeats me, but the next time he needs something, the "you" is back once again.

It's strange that the "you" comes only at certain specific times.  All other times he uses his whole name: "K. eating"... "K. playing"... etc.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?  I'm sure the "you"/"me" mixup will work itself out eventually.  Right now I am more amused by it than anything.  It also reminds me just how amazing it is how quickly young children develop language, no matter how complicated our English grammar rules may be.  It's quite a miracle!


Karen said...

It's been a while since I read the's good to catch up with you and K!

Don't worry he'll master the pronouns shortly...just enjoy how cute it is!

Sweet Pea Chef said...

It will just happen I think...

Graham says all the time, "Mommy hold you!"

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