Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Go Cougs!

This past weekend was the official start of College Football Season.  That's a big deal at my house, as the hubster is a huge college football (Pac 10 in particular) maniac.  I've never been much of a football fan, BUT I totally get into the spirit nonetheless.  I know that statement appears to make no sense, but what I mean is I love the whole feeling of football season: the change in the weather, lazy Saturdays, loafing around watching TV and eating junk food, getting together with rabid fans, etc.  We are Washington State University fans at our house, and we usually invite a boatload of people who hang out in our basement and watch the games on the big screen.  I enjoy sitting on the couch along with everyone else and happily leafing through all the US Weeklys and New Yorkers I've saved up.  (Occasionally I'll look up and ask who's winning, but I've been known to sit through entire games without ever really knowing what the score was.)

Anyway, we took some pictures of Kibi all dressed up in his WSU Cougar jersey.  Look how much he's grown from one year ago!!  (Sadly, while both Dad and Son have changed in a year, the mess in our basement hasn't.)


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