Friday, September 5, 2008

Just a Little Off-Topic Rambling

Sorry my posts have been so light this week.  I'll admit that I have sort of been consumed by the two political conventions, and I am actually glad they're both over so I can stop obsessing. Most of you know my own political leanings (I worked for the ill-fated Gore campaign in 2000), but I would like this to be a nonpartisan blog, since Kibi prides himself on being nonpartisan ... so I will just leave it at this one and only comment on the Sarah Palin VP pick.

I am totally obsessed with McCain's choice of Palin for one main reason.  Regardless of how you feel about her, (and in the interest of full disclosure, I disagree with her on nearly every issue) it's amazing that either outcome in November will be tremendous for women in the political sphere.  

If she wins, that's obviously a major hurdle achieved for women.  If she loses, I think there will be some close-minded people out there who say, "See, a woman couldn't cut it after all."  But now that I say that, you can obviously say the same thing about Obama and African Americans. Duh.  Still, I guess I am obsessed with her because I can relate to her a bit more, being from a small town and all.  And to see the whirlwind that her life has become in less than a week, for better or for worse, is fascinating.

Anyway, just a little rambling on my part.  If anyone has thoughts to add, please share.  And I promise I'll go back to talking about Kibi's antics next week.

Have a good weekend.

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Sweet Pea Chef said...

I'm enthralled with Palin too. What an interesting race.

Have to catch up on some blog reading!

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