Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why, Oh, Why... (part 2)

Readers may recall about a month ago when I described a little Shakespearean drama that had been going on in my house for several days in a row (see Why, Oh Why... Part 1).  Well, there's an amusing end to that story.

Thankfully, the let's-toddle-over-to-the-cat-food-and-pitch-its-contents-all-over-the-kitchen-floor phase is over, for the most part.  Every once in a while I catch Kibi walking up to the bowl and giving me the big cow eye to see if I'm paying attention.  Usually all it takes is one gentle but firm, "Nooooo-no!" to get him to give up and move on.

Well, for the last few days this week, every time K. points to or sees our cat, he has been saying "Eat."  Naturally I always ask him if HE wants to eat, and he says "no."  And I'm pretty sure he really isn't hungry himself,  because most of the times this has happened, we have just finished a meal.  So today, the cat walked by and K. followed him, first saying "Eat" and then saying "No no no no no!"  He did this not once but twice this morning when we were upstairs doing stuff in his bedroom.  

The great mystery was solved when we came downstairs.  Kibi again pointed to the cat as the cat walked up to his food dish and started eating.  This time he bypassed "Eat" altogether and just launched into "No no no no!"  

It was obvious: he wasn't allowed to touch the cat's food dish, so he didn't see why the cat should be, either!

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