Friday, September 19, 2008

One Generation to Another

We got a HUGE delivery from the West Coast the other day.  My father in law sent us 14 boxes (and no, I am not exaggerating) of my husband's childhood toys and related "stuff".  Yes, 14 boxes! 

Setting aside the issue of WHERE exactly we are going to store all the stuff, we focused on the positive - tons of new free toys for Kibi, and just the kinds he loves.  Cars, trucks, planes, and trains - and scores of them!

My husband turned 40 this year so that means that there's been a span of three decades since these toys were last used. Hard to believe.

We decided to stagger the opening of the boxes as to prolong the interest and excitement.  They opened two of them the other day and that provided hours of fun.  These are some of my favorite pictures.  

We sent the photos to Kibi's grandpa and he said the thing he loved most of all was seeing the exchange of the possessions between father and son and the look in my husband's eyes as he showed K. his favorite toys.  

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