Friday, September 26, 2008

A Cat Named Truck

K. has an obsession, it seems, with our cat these days.  His latest "shtick": pretending he IS the cat and getting into the cat's little cat bed.

He crawls in, roots around like a little piglet, then curls up on his side and lays down and says "Meow."

I of course play along dutifully, asking him "What's your name, little Kitty?" and so forth.

The best part of all?  His name: "Truck".  

He's been doing the kitty thing on and off for the last week or so and the routine's always the same: 

Me: "What's your name, little Kitty?"

K (proudly): "Truck!" 

Me: "Oh, hi, Truckie, how are you?"

K: "Meow, meow."

Here's a picture so you can see how proud he is to play the role of Truckie.

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