Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Getting Ready...

We are gearing up for a weekend of fun ... Kibi's 2nd birthday, which is this Saturday!  My mom arrives tomorrow and we have lots of activities planned.

The only bummer is that Kibi has contracted RSV, which, faithful readers may remember, he's had before (way back when he was only 8 months old).  He's got it again - was diagnosed yesterday, which happened to be MY birthday.  (A great present - ha!)  Anyway, we're hoping he handles it a little better this time around since he's a bigger boy, and stronger.  And hopefully it won't put a damper on the forthcoming festivities.  I notice a bit of a scratchy throat myself and and am fighting it with all I'm worth.

So, my posts may be sporadic this week.  For now, we're all resting up and trying to get healthy!

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Sweet Pea Chef said...

Poor Kibi! Hope he's all better by this weekend!


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