Friday, April 3, 2009

Wrapping Up the Week

Thanks to everyone for your comments, emails and kind words about the Emily post.  I have been feeling sad about it for a few days now, and just think: I'm not even part of her family.  I can't even imagine what her parents and extended family must be going through.  My prayers are with them, and I know so many others are thinking of them as well.

On a brighter note, my parents came for a visit on their way back up to Ohio from Florida this week.  They just left a little while ago.  (Another reason to feel a little bit sniffly today.)  

We had a great time.  Here are some fun pictures of Kibi helping his grandma and grandpa with various tasks this week -- namely, dying Easter Eggs (Thursday) and replacing some rotten wood panels on our front porch (Wednesday).  Talk about a productive week!

Have a great weekend, everyone.  


Sweet Pea Chef said...

Aren't parental visits the best? My folks are coming next week a little early for Easter to help us with a huggggge long list of things to do before we list our house.

CDB said...

Aw, he looks like a great helper! I know how you feel.. my Mom was up for a few days (while husband was at the final four) and I'm sad she's going home tomorrow. They know what we need before we need it!

julie said...

I can't believe K's sitting still coloring Easter eggs! With B, my kitchen and I would be wearing that dye and the eggs would be smashed in hidden places around the house. Haha!

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