Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Birthday Message to Kibi

Dear K.,

You'll see by the date of this letter that I'm a little late in composing your birthday message.  A lot of external events contributed to that -- you got sick, then I got sick, we had your birthday party to plan and oversee, we went to the train museum -- and before I knew it your birthday weekend had come and gone.  

In any event, now you are two.  Congratulations!  You are so different from the baby you were one year ago.  You don't just walk; you run.  You don't just talk; you speak in full sentences.  You don't just observe; you ask questions about the world around you.  You are so interesting and engaging and... well, alive.  It is truly a joy to see the wonderful and complex machinery with which God blessed you come to life in so many exciting ways.

You're becoming a big boy every day.  You're no longer a baby, fully dependent on your parents to care for you.  We still do that, of course, but now you have become more of a companion - someone to engage in conversation, someone to help with projects (and how you like to help!), someone to spend honest to goodness "quality time" with.  And there isn't a day that passes without you surprising me or your dad with either a new word, a story you've dreamed up, or some recollection of something we never thought you'd remember or retell so vividly.

I love you, my sweet K.  As I have since the day you were born, I thank God every day for bringing you into my life.  And on this, your second birthday, I pray that God helps you to continue to grow, and thrive, and learn, and explore every single day -- and have fun all the while -- because that is what being a "big boy" is all about.

Love you always,
Your Mom

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