Tuesday, May 20, 2008

10 Cool Things

We have developed an assortment of favorite things to admire (or eat) during our day.  Here, in no apparent order, is our top 10 list of all around cool stuff:
10. YoBaby yogurt (so delish that Mom can finish whatever he doesn't!)
9. Our fish aquarium crib attachment (used like a snooze alarm)
8. Gerber Puffs (consumed like candy, and it's Dad's favorite invention because it's virtually choke-proof... in fact, if it were up to Dad, this would be ALL the boy would eat)
7. Airplanes (whenever he hears one, he shoots a pointed finger straight up in the air whether he sees it or not)
6. Helicopters (a special bonus if we see one in real life, which is actually more common than one would think, living less than 15 miles from the White House)
5. Kitties (the word "meow" comes out like "leeeeeee-ooooo!")
4. Doggies ("Dah!")
3. Cars ("cah-cah-cah-cah...")
2. School buses (the elementary school one parks right outside our window at 8:15 and we go absolutely bonkers!)
1. Fire trucks! (on our shirts, socks, bibs, and books... but nothing beats the real thing!)

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