Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Belated Mother's Day

Hope all the moms out there had a nice, relaxing day.  This was my 2nd official mother's day but in many ways it felt like my first, since K. was only a couple of weeks old at this time last year and I was still in that post-birth haze.  (I don't really remember those early days at all - seems like I finally shook it all off twhen he was about 6 weeks old.)  Anyway, it was delightful.  I got to sleep in AND read the Sunday Post in bed... delectable!  Then we went out to breakfast. At 12:30 we took K. to swimming class (he is in a WaterBabies class at the local high school swimming pool - fun!) And then in the afternoon we picked up my M-I-L and we all went to the National Arboretum.  Even though it was pouring down rain, we thoroughly enjoyed a quick little jaunt through the "Azalea Walk." For those of you in the area, I highly recommend a visit. It's one of the Beltway's hidden treasures, to be sure.  We capped off the day with dinner at an Italian restaurant with my M-I-L and K's Auntie E., Uncle A. and Cousin B.  (Hilarious how I lamely attempt to protect people's privacy, isn't it?)  The little one went straight to bed and I watched Tivoed shows until the wee hours.  My idea of a perfect 24 hours!  How did all the other moms out there spend the day?


Sweet Pea Chef said...

Sounds great.

I enjoyed breakfast in bed and sleeping a lot (I have a cold). Then Shannon and I met up for massages at a local place. I then went to look at magazines and get a cup of tea.

All in all, a great day, besides the nasty cold.

julie said...

sigh, i need to make next mother's day all about this mommy! We got up at 5AM to get ready to meet the in-laws at 7 o'clock mass, then went to a breakfast buffet - a cheap one (MIL's choice). From there, we went back to in-laws' where B refused to nap because it is always too loud - tv's, radios, multiple conversations continuously. Then straight to my parents house, where B got something on his face that (conveniently 3 hours later) exploded into an angry scary red rash across his chin which had him looking like an Irish Santa Claus. I was afraid that with something so close to his mouth and so suddenly alarmingly red, it could be a major reaction (i.e. leading to a breathing problem) so off to an after hours care facility at 10:30PM. Met THE RUDEST Dr I have ever met who told me to "put my thinking cap on" to determine what of the thousand foods, surfaces, irritants, dogs, fabric softeners, etc it could be that caused this and asked me what exactly made me think this was worth coming to an after hours care facility for. Then to top off the night, hubby and I "discussed" the whole rotten day until about 2 AM and I had to get up at 5 to go into the office the next day. but we all survived and made up and caffeine works wonders for puffy eyes and draggy butts. And I am grateful that i am a mommy, even if my 1st mom's day was rotten- hey it can only get better , right? right??

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