Friday, May 30, 2008

Sorta Off-Topic

So I've been doing this blog thing "seriously" for about two months now, although I've dabbled in it a bit in the past (with limited success; said blog was something I started with two friends and intended to be a place for political musings and critiques of the day, but alas, I got lazy and didn't really hold up my end of the deal as far as postings were concerned. ) Anyway, I've really been having fun with Songs in the Key Of..., mostly because it is a great way for me to document my son's life (much easier than writing it by hand in a diary, I'm ashamed to say).  But still, I've always struggled with the question of how much personal stuff to reveal - mostly as far as K. is concerned, but also for my own benefit.  It's laughable to think that my life or this blog would ever elicit details juicy enough to warrant a crazy scandal, but still, when it comes to your child's privacy, you really can't be too careful. This is all a long-winded segue to the great New York Times Magazine article I devoured the other night, about the rise and fall of Emily Gould, former blogger in chief for Gawker.  If you can spare the time this weekend, check it out. Admittedly, I'm a sucker for this sort of stuff, but I do think you'll find it fascinating...

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