Monday, May 5, 2008

Scary Scary Scary

Well, we had quite a weekend.  Our first scared-to-death fever episode.  The little guy was doing fine on Friday, demonstrating nothing out of the ordinary except a refusal to nap except for about 30 minutes in the afternoon.  Then all of  a sudden he developed a runny nose and then became blazingly hot.  Like, hot to the touch hot when I felt his back.  We took his temp on Friday evening and were shocked - 102.3!  Turns out, he had developed a viral infection and had a miserable weekend, not sleeping much at all, and acting very lethargic (I had actually never seen him officially "lethargic" - even last winter when he developed RSV he was playing and having fun like it was no biggie).  The fever peaked at 103.7 on Saturday which freaked us all out, but my no nonsense pediatrician stayed calm.  She had him on an Ibuprofen cocktail (Motrin plus Tylenol) for nearly 24 hours straight to keep the fever at bay.  She also took time out on Saturday afternoon (thank you, Dr. G!) to meet us at her office to check him out in person.  The verdict - a little fluid in the ears but no ear infection.  Just some sort of weird viral thing.  His fever broke early Sunday morning and he's doing much, much better today - back to talking and singing per usual.  As for my husband and me, we'll probably need a few days to recover from the worry.  Really makes you count your blessings.

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Sweet Pea Chef said...

I am so glad he is okay! That is one high fever...we had a 102.something one time and that flipped me out.

You have an amazing pediatrician to come in on the weekend!

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