Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sippy Cup Continued (Also Known as "I am a MO-ron")

OK, I am a HUGE MORON.  Born Free makes two kinds of sippy cup training cups - one with a "training spout" and one with a "drinking spout".  The training spout, although the softer of the two, is designed for younger babies and prevents the milk from flowing too fast.  The slit in the spout is really tiny.  The drinking spout is much firmer but has a larger opening so the liquid flows freely.  We had been using the training spout; hence, slow-flowing milk.  DUH!  I gave him the drinking spout this afternoon and voila, no problem, smooth sailing!  Again, I say DUH!  I am a huge moron.  And to think that this issue kept me awake last night.

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julie said...

No kidding! I am having the opposite problem with B. I apparently have the drinking spout, which he hates. He turns it over, spilling it into his lap and throws it on the floor. Now, thanks to you, I no longer have to be a sippy cup failure!

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