Thursday, May 1, 2008

Nap Nuttiness

If you were to ask me the #1 determinant of insanity linked to my journey through motherhood, I would have a simple response: naps.  For some reason (likely the fact that a well-rested bebe = well-rested madre), I have become obsessed with perfecting my son's nap schedule.  This drives me nuts because he has never been one of those babies who falls asleep on cue.  And it drives my husband nuts to see ME going nuts because, as he loves to say, "you can't control a baby".  It took our little one nearly 10 months before he was sleeping through the night, and you know what?  It happened completely randomly - when we were vacationing with family in Florida of all things.  After we came home he had no problem sleeping from about 8 pm to 6 or 6:30 am.  And now that he does that, I don't need to tell you moms out there how much more pleasant my (and, by extension, my spouse's) life has become.  And, since that time up through this week, we were also doing well on a semi-regular nap schedule.  (Morning nap was around 9:30 am and afternoon nap was more elusive, but could generally be counted on to happen sometime around 2 pm.)  Well, this week for some reason the morning naps have gone out the door.  Instead, the little guy runs laps around his crib for up to an hour and then starts to cry until someone comes to relieve him.  Consequently the rest of the day is thrown off and he ends up being crazy cranky.  I'm not sure if he's just transitioning to one nap (which I've heard can happen between 12-18 months) or just needs to be put down later in the morning.  I'm scratching my head over this one.  And by now I've digested so many napping books that I'm loathe to look at another one! ( Although, if you want my opinion, the best one so far seems to be one my friend L. shared with me: Sleeping Through the Night by Jodi Mindell.)  Any suggestions?  I'm all ears.


Sweet Pea Chef said...

I could write an entire diatribe on this one.

I, too, suffer from mommy-wants-to-control-the-nap-schedule-itis.

G has decided in the last week that he doesn't need an afternoon nap. He goes down, like KiBi at around 9:30 and sleeps for about an hour and a half. I put him down at 2ish for the second nap and he talks, whines, plays, but doesn't nap (at least this week).

I remember vividly calling Steel Magnolia at this point with R and venting and pulling my hair out simultaneously.

Bottom line: you can take a baby/toddler to the crib (and do an entire choreographed routine of "transition time," soothing singing, rocking, reading and any other trick up your sleeve) but you *cannot* make them sleep.

I have (resentfully) come to the conclusion that I just have to let. it. go. Ugh.

BTW, I have a bunch of sleeping/napping books that I have collected through the last few years. I have yet to find one that has the magical formula for good, consistent naps.

Now don't get me started about my friend here whose nearly 4 year old still takes consistent 2-3 hour naps for her!!!

BigBi said...

OK, thanks, now at least I feel a bit better!

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