Friday, June 6, 2008

Gone South for the Week!

We'll be taking another hiatus from blogging, as we head down on Monday to heat-soaked Florida for a week visiting family.  Last I heard it was in the 90's down there; it's actually not much better here in DC.  (Today's high = 89. Oy!)  Anyway, for the time being I'll leave you with some more photo goofiness. This is a multi-part series entitled, "Peekaboo with ABC (While Waiting for Groceries)".  


Sweet Pea Chef said...

We're at the beach this week too! great minds...

Mama in Training said...

New Lyon Village Park on Highland Ave in Clarendon
It's so much fun!
I was wondering how you found my blog but now that I see J's post, I know! :)
PS: Have fun at the beach.

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