Sunday, March 15, 2009

Add This One to Your BlogRoll

I normally don't blog on the weekends, but I had to share something that's become a delightful part of my weekday and weekend fare: "The Poop," the San Francisco Chronicle's parenting blog.

Put it on your list of must reads immediately!  

BTW, I just submitted this photo of me and my brother, circa 1979, to their Childhood Bowl Cut Challenge.  At least now if my bro doesn't win, I'll have the satisfaction of having shared it with all of you, my dear readers.  (And let me know if you have a bowl cut to beat his - I'd love to see it!)


CDB said...

This is fantastic--both the Poop blog and the bowl cut photo. I mostly love that they called it "Poop"..what we all end up talking about anyway!

I think we should start something like this locally.. how great would that be?

BigBi said...

I agree with you CDB ... shall you and I jump to it?

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