Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's a Mad Dash...

... among those of us in the Washington, DC area (who are so inclined) to attempt to get free tickets to the White House Easter Egg roll.  They were made available on the White House website today.  

I thought I'd give it a whirl, and have been trying since about 8 am today, but no dice.  Not that I'm really surprised, but it would've been fun to snap photos of K. looking for eggs on the White House lawn.  But really, if I think about it, I'm probably romanticizing it.  As my friend J. said, the reality of it with a kid this age is that you'll spend the time trying to get your child to NOT bash other kids in the head with their eggs or throw them at Secret Service agents.

Still, in the interest of serving you, my loyal readers, I will post the link, if you haven't already seen it, in case you a) happen to be interested in coming to DC for the event (on April 13th) and b) have a lot of time on your hands today:

Good luck!

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CDB said...

Thanks! Tho', just tried and got a "thanks for playin'" message. This would be SO neat.

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