Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Construction Truck Extravaganza!

One way you can tell that spring is just about here is the influx of construction and landscaping projects going on in and around our neighborhood.  This means ... TRUCKS, glorious TRUCKS of all shapes, functions and sizes!

And so, we awoke to a glorious surprise: the County launched its water pipe replacement project in front of our house today.  Wonderful news!  

Kibi was rapt during breakfast, as we went out for our walk, and again when we came back (and tailgated on our front porch with snacks while we watched the crew work).  

Here are some pictures of our excitement-filled morning. 

[BTW, I don't know why my pictures are always scattered haphazardly over the page; I am not sure if this is a flaw or if I am doing something wrong when I post them.  Anyone out there know?]

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CDB said...

TRUCKS, glorious trucks! C. is still amazed to see the garbage and recycling trucks come by.

Are you selecting "center" for the orientation of the photos? It allows you to select where they should appear, and text is forced around it.

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