Friday, March 27, 2009

Scrapbook Tidbits

As we mark Kibi's 23-month birthday (yesterday), I've been thinking a lot about him turning two and also lamenting how terribly behind I am on documenting the precious first two years of his life.  My sister in law got me a lovely "Baby's 1st Year" book which, I am proud to say, I completed a couple of months ago, but still it seems that the months after the 1st birthday are crammed full of even more milestones worth capturing.  

I know I need to get on it, but in the meantime I keep all the little accomplishments and anecdotes on my computer.  Let's hope it doesn't crash anytime soon.

Anyway, speaking of these tidbits, K. came up with another good one yesterday.  

Those of you in the DC area know that yesterday was positively crummy, weather-wise.  We had a steady stream of rain and gray clouds ALL DAY LONG.  Well, K. and I were looking out the window in the morning, surveying the landscape.  He told me he wanted to sip from the glass of water I was drinking, so I obliged.

After a couple of big gulps, K. swallowed, paused, and remarked, "Just like drinking rain!"

I don't think I ever would've thought of it that way, but it just goes to show you how amazing the toddler brain is:  always wondering, always thinking, always engaged!

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CDB said...

I love it. As you say, we might never look at it that way, so I love it that they can share their thoughts with us now!

(And I thought "Stuck.. in Obama.. traffic" was impressive!)

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