Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Construction Truck Extravaganza, Part Two

I don't know if our county got a windfall via the economic stimulus or what, but there are - seriously - construction trucks on almost every corner in our neighborhood.  Which makes it great when we go for our stroller walks.  There's plenty to keep Kibi entertained so I don't have to worry about him suddenly deciding he wants to get OUT.  NOW.  (Which really screws up my jog/walk-for-exercise plans.)

The trucks are also great for mealtime entertainment.  We spent almost an HOUR at lunch the other day, watching the digger, Bobcat (I don't exactly know what it does but it has a bobcat on the side, which is good enough for Kibi), dump truck and concrete driller (sorry for the lack of vernacular accuracy here) do their respective things right in front of our house.  

Here's a picture of K. in "construction truck heaven," as I like to say.


CDB said...

Wow, look at that complete and utter disregard for the food.. looks like C.!

Sweet Pea Chef said...

I can sense the longing look on his face!

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