Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Musings

Do you notice how I thought yesterday was Friday?  ("Have a good weekend")???? Geesh. I'm hopeless.

Anywho... yet another busy day!  Sorry I've been slack on the posting lately; I promise to do better early next week (that is, BEFORE we leave Wednesday for a week-long visit to Seattle to see my in-laws).

But to throw you devoted readers a bone, I'll leave you with this amusing and rather informative entry from The Poop - San Francisco Chronicle's parenting blog. Aforementioned devoted and long-time readers have probably figured out by now that my secret ambition is to become one of their guest writers.  

Maybe if I keep linking to and subtly promoting them, they'll discover me and hire me on the spot!  A girl can dream, I suppose... 

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