Friday, May 8, 2009

Ode to Nina (of The Good Night Show)

An Ode to Nina:
(penned today)

You're pretty, sweet, and gentle
You never ever pout.
You are my favorite character
On that nifty network, Sprout.

Yet despite your kind demeanor
And your singing voice, too
I find that I now live in fear
Of disappointing you.

You've given me a complex
(Quite accidentally, it's true),
And now I worry that I never will
Measure up to you.


julie said...

She is scripted by 5-7 brilliant writers and a dozen or so editors and all her clever words are written on teleprompts for her. How could you compete with that? Her only job is to work out, eat nothing, sit on a couch and pretend to be sweet for a few hours. She probably suffers from road rage like the rest of us.
You are smart, beautiful, sweet and a damn good Mom and professional. Own it.

BigBi said...

Ha ha! You are too kind, J.! Thank you.

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