Thursday, May 14, 2009

Weekend Reading?

Not a whole lot of time to post today, so I'll just pose a question that I've been wondering about.  Anyone out there have suggestions for good toddler-discipline books?  

A friend just told me about Beyond Time Out, which looks intriguing (although I'm not ready to admit that my household has become filled with "mayhem" as a result of an unruly child, per the Barnes and Noble description.  I mean, it's frustrating, but K.'s not a monster... yet!  Ha!)

I'm just looking for a middle-of-the-road approach to dealing with a probably all too typical Terrible Two.  K. hasn't been awful, but we've had our moments lately, namely situations involving: 
1) throwing food, or, worse yet, plates and cups, when he is done eating (usually with minimal warning); 
2) standing up in his high chair, pre-, mid-, or post-meal; 
3) not sharing with other kids (and sometimes actually hitting or pushing when someone wants to share a toy with him - can you say EMBARRASSING?!)
4) tormenting our cat in all shapes and forms.  

I attempt to reprimand all of these behaviors, I'll have you know, firmly and consistently, but yet... he keeps doing them.  Argh.  (NOTE: I acknowledge the possibility that this may be the essence of the Terrible Twos and I just don't want to accept it.)  

Anyway, like I said, if you have good recommendations, I'm ready to do some reading!

Thanks, and have a good weekend.

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CDB said...

..And when you get those recommendations, please (please) share, won't you?! I could benefit from this as well; I recognize everything you mentioned (except sub "dog" for "cat".)

Definitely must check out "Beyond Time Out", since C. is way beyond it.

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