Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Lonely Bunny

One day recently, when I came by to pick up Kibi after a few hours at his grandma's, they showed me a new game.  

All it involved was my mother-in-law's sofa, a very large and thick atlas, and Kibi.  It went like this:

1) MIL sets up the atlas so that it is at a slant from the seat of the couch (like a slide).

2) Kibi sits at the top of the "slide" (on the sofa).

3) Kibi announces that he is a "Lonely Bunny" and makes a really sad, pouty face.

4) Me and MIL make a really big deal about the poooooooor, lonnnnnely bunny for a few seconds.

5) The lonely bunny slides down the slide.

6) When the lonely bunny lands, he announces that he is now a "Happy Bunny".  

7) Cheers and smiles all around!

This was all K's invention.  Go figure!  

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