Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Place Where Kids Go Nuts

Do you live in the Washington, DC metropolitan area?  

Do you have small children?  

Have you been to Clemyjontri Park in McLean, Va.?  (You've probably heard about it, yes, but have you been there yet?)  

What?!  You haven't?  

Well, drop everything and GO, GO, GO!  

Clemyjontri Park is, without a doubt, The Coolest Outdoor Playground of All Time.  I found myself with some time to kill yesterday when K. woke up really early from a nap, so we trekked out there - actually only about a 20 minute drive from our house - and goodness me, was I glad we did!  It consists of what seems like acres and acres of super-deluxe jungle gym equipment for kids of all ages, but particularly attuned to the Little People set.  My little guy was particularly mesmerized by all of the transportation vehicles-turned-playground-equipment.  

Here are some pictures of our trips.  (Yep, that's trips, plural.  We went both yesterday afternoon and this morning!)

Now, you DC-ites, get outside and GO!  Today!

(BTW, this is my last post for about a week.  We leave for Seattle early tomorrow morning.  Off to visit my inlaws for a long Memorial Day weekend!  Have a great holiday!)

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