Monday, May 4, 2009

Language Evolves

Kibi has made another step in his language development, recently dropping the way he used to refer to himself in the third person ("K wants this, K does that") and now using the first person pronoun "I" as a substitute for "me."  Interestingly enough, he has also started to use "I'm" when he means to say "my".  

It is really darn cute to hear him sort of stumble his way through, trying to get the sentence construction just right.  

I know he's still evolving where this is concerned, and I have a feeling I should jot it down now because it may be only a fleeting thing.  

So.... here are some examples:

"Mommy, push I!" (on the swing)

"Mommy, hold I!"

"It's I'm birthday!"

"Mommy, change I!  I'm pants are wet."

"I'm daddy will like this." (What he observed when he received a "Daddy and Me" book for his birthday)

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