Friday, September 18, 2009

Arming Ourselves for Cold and Flu Season

Kibi and I are both down for the count today with colds. At least that's what I think they are - my husband keeps making me paranoid by constantly asking if I think we've got swine flu. I think he's only half joking.

Anyway, speaking of flu, I've got us signed up for our flu shots. This year, our pedi is doing FluMist instead of injections. The receptionist told me these are supposed to last even longer than the normal flu shot. Huh. I'm intrigued. We go one week from today so I'll let you know how it goes. The thought of having something shot up our noses doesn't sound really appealing - in fact, I'd rather take the shot - but oh, well. We'll suck it up I guess. I'm proud of my husband, too, because he already got his done! Last year he was so slack about getting it that by the time he tried, they had run out of vaccine. Glad we won't have that problem this year.

Are you planning on getting the H1N1 vaccine? To me, it's a no brainer, but I guess I can understand why some people would be hesitant. In any case, as soon as that's available, our family will be marching in to the doctor's office to get it. I found that the CDC has a good fact sheet on H1N1 for those of you who haven't stumbled upon it already.

No other big news to report ... I'm off to go drink some warm tea. Have a good weekend!

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