Thursday, September 17, 2009

Summing Up the First Day

The first day of preschool seemed to come off without a hitch. As I tucked Kibi in last night, I asked him (for the millionth time) about how he liked his first day of "playschool."

You see, I had only received dribs and drabs of information from him throughout the day, such as:

"I was a fire truck!"


"Mommy packed a fruit bar!" (he seemed to completely have missed the adorable - if I do say so myself - note and picture I had packed in his lunch box)


"I play, play, played!"

and the mysterious:

"The girls played with eggs." ???

So anyway, I remained curious about what went on. I got initial positive reports from the teacher and two co-oping parents. The teacher reported that Kibi did "great, but... um, he doesn't really like to sit at a table, does he?" (Geez, is my kid the ONLY 2 year old who won't sit at a table to eat?)

So, as I tucked him in snug and cozy into his crib, I asked once again how Kibi liked the school.

He sighed and said, satisfied, "I am so proud of it."

I wasn't expecting that answer, but, hey ... I'll take it!

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