Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

This isn't really about anything embarrassing that Kibi said, just some cute declarations he made as a result of our busy day today.

We spent a beautiful late summer afternoon at the neighborhood park, enjoyed a quiet dinner together (DH was working late), and then I surprised Kibi with a treat: brand new bathtub crayons! These are wonderful because a) he loves them and b) they virtually ensure that I can get through AT LEAST one Us Weekly during bathtime and c) the mess is gone with one swipe of the washcloth!

Anyway, he was full of observations during bath time, but my favorites by far were:

(Long pause, during which, incidentally, I thought he was pooping in the tub) ...
"Mommy, I like to think about going to the park today."

(Thinking while writing with the crayons on the ledge of the tub:)
"Fun about crayon fun ..." (I knew this was not what he meant to say; rather that he was working out the sentence structure in his head, which was actually the cutest thing about it)
So I said, "What are you trying to say?"
He tried again: "Fun about crayons is they write on the tub and you wipe them off!"
He clearly meant to say, "You know what's fun about crayons?..."

They were both sweet, making-conversation types of comments. I love that he's attempting to talk just like a big boy, even if the words sometimes get in the way.

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