Friday, September 4, 2009


Today is one of those sublime days in which I have no work obligations, no social obligations, and even no chores at home since I got caught up yesterday. Hooray! It's just gorgeous outside, so I took Kibi to one of our many wonderful parks in the area. We hadn't been to this particular one in months, so it was interesting to see how he tackled it as an older child.

I've been thinking a lot about how little ones change as they grow, in what seems like a slow manner, but in reality it happens before our very eyes and we are usually too busy or distracted to notice it. During one rare pause in the action this morning, when I was pushing K. on the swing (he will now let me do that for what seems like hours!), he pulled his sun hat off and I stared at his face. His hair was all matted and it looked so sweet. His face was flushed and he had a little scratch on his forehead from an unfortunate run in with a fence the other day. Still, to me, he looked completely perfect, and happy.

I loved being able to really study his face as he swung back and forth, back and forth pretending to be an airplane. It was at this moment that I felt I caught a glimpse of his changing face. Something about it looked different than yesterday, while I'm sure no one would really be able to pinpoint what is was exactly. But I know it is changing, and soon he'll look like even less of a baby than he did today.

Times like these when I look at him so intently, I try to picture what he'll look like as an older child, a teenager, a college student, and (gasp!) an adult. But then I shake that thought off, and go back to enjoying the moment. That's what days like these remind me... to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the here and now.

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