Friday, December 5, 2008

The Airplane Obsession Evolves

K. is all little boy, through and through.  We always tell people that although we never deliberately steered him to cars, trucks, and other stereotypically "boy things," K. was from a very early age very interested with all of those "things that go."  He can entertain himself for long stretches of time with any of his little cars, running them along the sofa, the edge of the Oriental rug, the bathtub, etc.  It's pretty amusing.  My mother in law tells me that my husband was exactly the same way, playing with cars, trucks, airplanes, you name it - usually all by himself in his own little world.  I do see a similar pattern with K.

Well, his latest obsession is airplanes.  He's been on quite a few in his short lifespan (more than I'd ever been on by far, considering the first time I ever flew was in college!) and they seem to have made an impression on him.

Which leads me to this morning.  My husband had left for work early and I was still in bed, listening to K. wake up in the room next to mine.  It was absolutely precious: I heard an entire narrative of an airplane going on a flight.  

It went like this:

[Rustling of blankets]
"Turn ... on... engine" (Yes, that's right!  a 3-word phrase!  That is goin' in the baby book pronto)
"Take off!"
[More shuffling around]
"Wake up!"

That was my cue to enter, so I did, with a big smile on my face.  I congratulated him for using so many good words and entertaining his mama.  He looked surprised, but then a smile crept onto his face and he beamed with pride.  

My little air traffic controller!

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