Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Don't They Grow on Trees?

Very cute story from dinnertime today: K. finished with his "main course" and I was trying to think of something sweet and healthy to serve as dessert.  I thought, Voila!  Grapes.  We had just purchased some at the store the day before, so I got 'em out, plucked a bunch from the bag, washed them, and took them off, one by one, from their stems, proceeding to quarter them (lest they serve as yet another choking hazard!) and place them on K.'s high chair tray.

He gobbled them up, and I silently rejoiced at the fact that he was eating something so good for him with such gusto.  (Lately we've been having some, um, struggles with eating, but that's another story).   He finished the pile, and exclaimed, "More!" 

I had no more to give him from my little cluster.  So, I left the grapeless branches (not sure what else to call them but I'm sure you know what I mean: the stems from the bunch) on my plate and went into the kitchen to go get him some more.  He said, "No, no!" and then proceeded to say something that sounded like "On tees!" over and over again, pointing to my plate.

What did he want?  The grapes that I had been pulling from the "trees" - the little stems that looked like tree branches!  I had to smile to myself at the cuteness of it all.  

I told him I'd be happy to pluck him some more grapes from some "new trees" that I could pull, amazingly enough, out of my plastic bag in the refrigerator.  He was stunned.  

Sometimes, yes, it is that easy!


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