Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shampoo Strike

This is a picture of K. enjoying his bath.  (Giving his car a "shower" under the running faucet.)  

Before it all went south.

We have officially entered the era of I Will Scream Bloody Murder In Order to Prevent You From Rinsing My Soapy Hair.  

It's strange, because when he was a little baby, he didn't mind a good warm rinse of the head.  But now, Lord have mercy!  

The last time I attempted to wash his hair was about four days ago.  It ended with him having a hysterical crying fit (the kind where the kid ends up doing that hiccup-like shuddering) and me feeling like a child abuser.  I have no earthly idea what changed to make him so scared of having the shampoo rinsed out of his hair.  

I have tried many things: showing him how his cars like to be rinsed after a good shampoo, using one of those half-bucket things that I found in the One Step Ahead catalog that is supposed to keep the water out of the child's eyes while you pour it down their head (something I only have success with about 50% of the time, by the way), etc.  

It all produces the same result - sheer torture.

Once again, I'm sending out a request for suggestions from you experienced parents in the bunch.  My kid has quite a mop of hair and I can't foresee forgoing shampooing altogether!  

Thoughts, comments, etc. are welcome....


julie said...

What worked with B was effusive praise - "okay, here it comes, YAY! What a big boy! You did SO GOOD!!"(clapping and grinning and high-fives all around). Now, he sputters when the water runs over his face and then looks at me with a big toothy grin waiting to be told how wonderful he is for putting up with bath time.

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Check to make sure there is nothing that he could legitimately be causing this and then just, as gentle as you can, reassure him and do the rinsing.

Try a washcloth to cover his eyes (fold it over so it is a strip of a few layers). This may help.

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