Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fighting the Power Already

As I have mentioned before, I've enrolled K. in some toddler activities such as JWTumbles and Monkey Business to give him the opportunity to run around and play in a huge, safe room.  It's especially worthwhile during these cold, unpredictable weather months.

We're currently doing one class on Monday mornings and the other on Friday mornings.  Both classes start with "circle time," where all the kids and their parents sit around in a circle and sing a hello song, do some activities, and whatnot.

Well, K. has had enough of circle time - and any other organized activity rolled into these classes for that matter.  

Every time we're asked to come together, it's almost as if it's his cue to scoot as fast as he can in the OTHER direction.  It was so humorous that the other day, there were about 20 kids in a circle, and he was THE ONLY ONE not following directions.  

I always let it slide because, really, is it a crime not to participate in circle time?  But it still strikes me as funny that he has been the only one to do this (at our JWT class, at least).  Last time he did it, I had to snap a photo.

He looks rather pleased with himself, don't you think?

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Pasifik said...

What a nice little kid!

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